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Consequences - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 22
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Romans 8:28-30
May 29, 2011 pm - Rosemary Jackson is a thirty-five year old woman whose life is not what she hoped it would be. Born into an intelligent and ambitious family, she never fulfilled her parents' hopes or achieved the things her five brothers and sisters did. They were 'winners'; she was a 'loser'-and they all knew it. Finding little comfort or love at home, she looked for them elsewhere: drinking and drugs to numb her pain, and a long line of men who pretended to love her. By early middle-age, Rosemary was divorced three times, arrested twice, did four stints in rehab, had an abortion, walked away from a baby girl, and contracted the AIDS virus. For some years, her parents and siblings pitied her and did everything they could do to help her. But she was beyond their help, and after spending tens of thousands of dollars, and too many hours to count, they gave up on her. Her parents disowned her; her brothers and sisters won't speak to her; she's got no job skills, and the men who used to look at her with desire now feel nothing but disgust. Rosemary is a drunk, a drug-addict, and an ugly, dried-up skank. This is the life Rosemary Jackson had lived, and it seemed, would keep on living till she died in ... More >>>

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