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Confessedly Great - by Michael Phillips
An Ecumenical Creed - Part 2 of 2
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1 Timothy 3:16
Jul 03, 2011 am - As believers in Jesus Christ, we want to confess our faith. We love the Lord and we long to put our love into words, but there's the problem: we don't have the words. Our hearts are warm, but our minds are dull and our words are garbled. Our Father in Heaven is lenient with His children, and He knows what we mean when nobody else does. We're thankful for His understanding and patience, but we still want to confess our faith: we want others to hear who God is-and what He is to us. The Lord knows how weak we are, and He doesn't overtax us. He doesn't demand 'original essays' every time we want to say something about Him. He lets us use familiar words; in fact, He gives them to us, to meditate on in private and to confess in public. For almost seventeen hundred years, the People of God have recited the Nicene Creed; we have lived by it, and some have died for it. It is a magnificent summary of the things that matter most-to the Church back in 325 and always. The Nicene Creed is not in the Bible, of course, but what's in it is. It reflects both the content of the New Testament and also its priorities. The Creed is mostly about Christ and it is largely based on the text of today's ... More >>>

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