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For Your Name's Sake - by Michael Phillips
Especially to Children - Part 54
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Psalm 51:18-19
May 25, 2003 pm - Listen up, kids! This afternoon, with God's blessing, we'll finish our study of Psalm 51. Last week, we spent a lot of time looking back at the Psalm and trying to remember its main points. I don't want to do that again, so let me very quickly remind you of them: Psalm 51 was written by David. David wrote it when he was in a very, very bad mood. He was in the bad mood because he had committed three great sins. He asked God for one thing: mercy. The mercy he asked for was of four different kinds: forgiveness, washing, friendship with God, and a return of his joy. God answered his prayer! Big time! He gave David everything he asked for. Because the Lord is so merciful. His mercy is like that cup David brings up in another Psalm: it "runs over". Because the Lord was so good to David, the man wanted to pay Him back (in a certain way). The mercy of God cannot be bought and paid for-because it's worth more than all the money in the world! But still, David was grateful. And a grateful man wants to find some way to show his appreciation. You cannot hug and kiss God (the way you can your parents), but that's all right because you don't need to. The best ways to show the Lord how thankful ... More >>>

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