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Loneliness - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 23
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Psalm 102:1-11
Jul 24, 2011 pm - In most ways, the Psalms are like the rest of the Bible, but in one way, they're different. While most of the Bible speaks to us, the Psalms speak for us. In the Law, Almighty God speaks to His people; in the Psalms, broken people speak to God. Sick people. Tired people. Poor people. Scared people. Guilty people. Angry people. Disillusioned people. Resentful people. And lonely people. We cannot be too thankful for the Psalms because, in times of distress, our feelings are so jumbled up we don't know what to say. Then we turn to the Psalms and find our voices. This is how I'm feeling and that's just what I wanted to say! Though fully inspired, the Psalms are unmistakably human, written by real people living real lives in the real world. This means the Psalms are not always as devout as we think they should be. Not everyone is sweetly submitting to a benevolent Providence. Asaph is envious at the prosperity of the wicked; David feels forsaken by God; the exiles look forward to the day when Babylonian babies are smashed by looting soldiers! It would be pretty to think we never feel this way, but we do. And God hears us, even giving us the words to express our rage and disappointment, ... More >>>

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