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Voice of Experience, The Voice of Experience - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Part 2
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Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26
Aug 07, 2011 am - The Voice of Experience Thirty-five years ago, friends invited me to my first Christian concert. I don't remember who the opening acts were that night, but the headliner was Phil Keaggy. The man was a first-rate guitar player, and a pretty good singer, but his songwriting and presentation were a little too sweet for my taste. Most of his songs were impossibly sunny, but even the few that touched on the darker side of life came off as silly, sanitized, and phony. Brushing his teeth one morning, it occurred to him that what gets the toothpaste out of the tube is pressure; in the same way, God applies pressure to get the best out of us. The lyrics are somewhat less than immortal- He's gonna squeeze you, 'cause He really loves you. With all due respect to Phil Keaggy, life is not this way, and the Lord's discipline is likely to be a lot rougher than a gentle squeeze. Paul says it's more like a thorn in the flesh and a wise guy sent to beat him black-and-blue. No one captured real life in his music better than the late Johnny Cash. Many of his songs were about Divine grace and redemption, but they were always set against the dark background of human sin and guilt, suffering, and death. ... More >>>

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