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Gossip - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 25
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Ephesians 4:29
Aug 14, 2011 pm - Everyone knows gossip is a serious problem in the world and in the church. It demeans the person doing it, hurts the people it is done to, and sows doubt and hard feelings where there should be love and trust. Everybody knows that gossip is a bad thing. And just about everybody does it. Some gossip more-and more viciously than others-but hardly anyone is wholly free from it. Gossip is a sin everybody is aware of-and nobody repents of! It is so deeply ingrained in life as we know it, it is hard to imagine what the world and church would be like if it nobody did it, or if he did, he'd quickly confess his sin to the Lord, apologize to the one he hurt, and do his best to not do it again. Thousands of books have been written and millions of sermons preached against it, and the good ones are highly effective-for a day or two. We see the truth in what they say, and feel convicted by our guilt. With tears, we tell the Lord what gossips we have been and promise that, from now on, we'll be new creatures in Christ. While the ink is still wet on our promises to God, we've already broken them. We're right back at it: whispering, repeating rumors, suggesting evil, bearing tales and biting ... More >>>

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