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With Reverence and Awe - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Part 6
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Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
Sep 11, 2011 am - If you ever get the chance to attend a Quaker wedding, I hope you take it. Their weddings are very different than what we're used to, and the differences are not accidental. They are deeply rooted in theology. Most weddings are wordy affairs. Nobody outside of Las Vegas can tie the knot quicker than I, but even I do a lot of talking at a wedding. I start with the welcome. Then comes the statement of purpose. Followed by the giving away of the bride. Then a short homily. A prayer. The vows. The pledge. The pronouncement. And when the bride and groom recess, the announcement of when and where the reception will be. Most weddings are wordy. But not Quaker weddings. A man and woman walk to the front of the meeting house and kneel down before the congregation. There they remain for a few minutes, or even an hour. When the Spirit moves them, they make their promises, rise to their feet, and walk out of the church without music or applause. Their weddings don't seem like weddings at all. In fact, the early Quakers were often accused of fornication because no one believed people who were married in this way were 'really married'. Why are their weddings so different than the ceremonies ... More >>>

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