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Terrorism - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 27
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Micah 4:1-5
Sep 11, 2011 pm - September 11th is a black day in the history of our country. You all know what happened: ten years ago today, before the sun rose in California, four airliners were hijacked and aimed at the heart of American power. One flew toward the White House, but thanks to God's mercy and the brave passengers, it never got there. The plane was forced down in western Pennsylvania, killing everyone aboard but sparing the President and the leading members of his government. We should remember Todd Beamer (now with the Lord) who led the charge and saved the White House at the cost of his own life. A second plane hit its target, crashing down on the Pentagon, killing 64 passengers and 125 people on the ground. The other two jets were aimed at the World Trade Center in New York City. They both hit their mark, killing nearly 3,000 people, doing billions of dollars of damage, wrecking the world economy, and doing God only knows how much harm to the families and friends left behind, and the whole nation who sat glued in front of the TV watching the black smoke rise from the crumbling towers. What Pearl Harbor was to my parents' generation, and the assassination of President Kennedy was to mine, 911 ... More >>>

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