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Bad Decisions - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 28
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Romans 8:28-29
Sep 25, 2011 pm - For the last several months we have been spending our Sunday afternoons applying the Gospel to as many areas of life as I can think of. Some parts are distinctly religious-like praying, reading the Bible, and witnessing. Others are more secular-like working, paying your bills, or watching the news. The Gospel redeems and changes every one of these things-and all the rest as well. We cannot be too thankful for the Gospel! We cannot apply it to too many parts of life. Like other preachers, I sometime exaggerate for effect, but not here: the Gospel changes everything. Without exception. THE GENERAL TOPIC Making decisions is a big part of life. Some of the decisions are momentous, others are less important, but no day passes without making them. A lot of them. Every day till you die. Some of the decisions you make are good ones. You bought your place right before the housing boom, and now it's worth four times what you paid for it. Or, you married the girl of your dreams, and thirty years later, she means more to you than ever. Or, you took the job way back when, and now you know it is your calling in life. Nothing makes you happier than good decisions. But let's face it: Not every ... More >>>

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