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Who Knows What We Need - by Michael Phillips
Ecclesiastes - Part 8
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Ecclesiastes 6:10-7:14
Oct 09, 2011 am - Bill Hybels is one of the best known pastors in the United States. In 1975, he founded Willow Creek Church with 125 in attendance. Today, the church has more than 25,000 members, with spin-off churches all over the country, and the world. If you have seen the man or heard him speak, you know some of the growth is the result of personal magnetism. He's handsome, well spoken, and comes off as very confident without being cocky. Bill Hybels is a dynamic person and a born leader. If you asked him about his success, however, he wouldn't point to himself. Willow Creek became a megachurch because it was open-minded and sensitive to the community. From day one, surveys were conducted asking people what they wanted in a church, and didn't want. The things they didn't want-like traditional hymns, long sermons, and heavy doctrine-were minimized, and the things they wanted-like friendliness, pop music, and 'something for the kids' were emphasized. This is the Willow Creek model. It's called a Seeker Sensitive church. There's something to be said for this approach to ministry. Churches can become ingrown and pastors often fall in love with their own vision of church life. Then there's the ... More >>>

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