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Henry on Psalm 23 No 1 - by Michael Phillips
Henry on Psalm 23 - Part 1 of 8
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Psalm 23
Mar 12, 2003 pm - Tonight, with God's favor, we'll begin a new Puritan study called Matthew Henry on Psalm 23. Henry is a name you know-and ought to admire. He was an English pastor and writer who lived from 1662 to 1714. Today, he's best remembered for his Commentary on the Whole Bible. This is the book we're using to guide us through the 23rd Psalm. We'll start with a quote and spend the rest of our time thinking it through. It is his first paragraph on the Psalm and it's full of good things. Henry has a real knack for stating the obvious and making you wonder why you didn't see it for yourself! "From three very comforting premises, David, in this Psalm, draws three very comforting conclusions, and teaches us to do so too. We are saved in hope and that hope will not make us ashamed, because it is well-grounded. It is the duty of Christians to encourage themselves in the Lord their God; and we are there to take that encouragement from the relation wherein He stands to us and from the experience we have had of His goodness according to that relation". THE BIG IDEA First, he gives the big idea. What is the 23rd Psalm about? It's about comfort-the believer's comfort grounded in something real and ... More >>>

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