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Resistance is Futile! - by Michael Phillips
Psalms - Part 2 of 7
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Psalm 2
Feb 05, 2012 am - is futile!' This is one of the best-known lines in a Star Trek movie, and the message of Psalm 2. The Psalm is full of conflict: nations are raging, peoples are plotting, kings and captains are drawing up plans for war. It's all a waste of time. Their plots may be ingenious, their arms modern, and their soldiers brave and battle-tested, but the war is lost before the first shot is fired. There is no victory against the Lord and against His Anointed. The Lord's Anointed is David, the king of Israel. 'Anointed' means chosen and consecrated to a special work. It was God Himself who chose David to be king, and this was a very great surprise because Israel already had a king, Saul the son of Kish, and if anyone ever looked like a natural-born leader, it was he. He was half-a-foot taller than anyone in Israel, and his voice struck terror in the hearts of men. What David looked like was a sun-burned boy, and he smelled like a sheep! But God does not depend on outward appearances. He has always preferred- The weak things of the world To bring to nothing the things That are mighty. Why? So that whoever glories [must] Glory in the Lord. When King Saul broke with the Lord, the Lord broke ... More >>>

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