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Sorrows Brought to God - by Michael Phillips
Psalms - Part 3 of 7
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Psalm 3:1-4:8
Feb 12, 2012 am - In a lifetime of going to church, I have heard more than seven thousand sermons. No two were exactly the same, of course, but a great many of them had the same message: If you want to be happy, You'd better be good. For example, if you want a happy home, you'd better be a good husband. If you want a happy neighborhood, you'd better be a good neighbor. If you want a happy church, you'd better be a good church member. Many sermons communicate this message, some directly, others indirectly. Is the message true? There is truth in it. A good husband and father is more likely to have a happy home than the man who beats his wife, screams at his children, and kicks the dog every night after work. This is confirmed by common sense and plainly taught in the Bible. True as this is, however, it is not entirely true. Some lives are in equal measure and at the same time, very good and shot through with problems. Many sweet and loving wives are married to hateful and bitter husbands. No wife is perfect, but good wives are not to blame for their husbands' cruel and immoral ways. Some think they are-'It must be me'-they say, but it's not them. Don't confuse humility with dishonesty or delusion! If ... More >>>

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