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Falsely Accused - by Michael Phillips
Psalms - Part 4 of 7
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Psalm 5
Feb 19, 2012 am - Have you ever been lied about? Have you ever been falsely accused? Have you ever been the object of hateful gossip? You don't need to answer me because I already know the answer: of course you have! Everyone has been lied about, falsely accused, and the object of mean and hurtful gossip. The experience is uniform and universal. What's not uniform is how you respond to being lied about, falsely accused, and the object of gossip. Some people take vengeance: if you lie about me, I punch you in the nose, or I sue you in court, or I spread rumors about you, making you look worse than you made me look. This is one response, likely the most common way of responding to gossip. A second response is less common: the stoic's. He's too good to get down in the mud with his accusers, and so he sneers at them while patting himself on the back for being the bigger man. A third response is the one I'm prone to: you go all to pieces. There's some anger and pride in the mix, but mostly, what you feel is sad and hurt, and insecure, thinking 'Maybe what they said about me is true'. The Psalmist chose a different path. Before we see what it was, let's observe the place of Psalm 5 in the worship of ... More >>>

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