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Worry - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 38
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Isaiah 43:1-3a
Feb 26, 2012 pm - What are worried about? Is it your health or your kids? Is it making the rent or keeping your job? Is it getting married or saving the marriage you have? What are you worried about? I didn't ask if you were worried. I didn't ask you that because I know you are. Not everyone is eaten up by worry, of course, but no one is entirely free from it either. Some worry a little; some worry a lot; some worry sometimes; some worry all the time. Worry-like God-is no respecter of persons. It torments some of us and touches us all. Worry is not a good thing. Doctors can tell you that, because worry is behind a great many health problems, from hypertension to overeating, insomnia, depression and things even worse than these. DON'T WORRY Mostly, worry is a spiritual problem. Because, in the first place, God commands you not to worry. Psalm 37:1, for example, says- Fret not because of evil doers. They make up a big part of our worries, don't they? The overbearing boss, the creepy neighbor, the son who won't get off his.couch and look for a job. The Psalm tells us not to worry about them, but we do. We also worry about keeping our jobs, paying our bills, sending our kids to college, and having ... More >>>

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