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Justice Will Be Done - by Michael Phillips
Psalms - Part 6 of 7
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Psalm 7
Mar 04, 2012 am - The world is full of injustice and God doesn't care. A great many people believe this, and it is easy to understand why. The world is full of injustice, and if God is both just and almighty, you'd expect Him to set things right. Why doesn't He? Some say He wants to, but can't. Others say He can, but doesn't want to. Still others say there is no God, or if there is, He has nothing to do with the world. This is called 'the problem of evil', and we're not the first ones to wrestle with it. Since the Fall people have thought about it and some of their thoughts are in the Bible. Including Psalm 7. When I say it's about 'the problem of evil', I hope you don't take David for a philosopher, a man grappling with ideas. At other times, he may have done that, but not now. Psalm 7 is not about the justice of God in general, but in particular. It's about a particular wrong done to David at a particular time and place, and by a particular man. THE CRY Because the wrong done to him is real-and really hurts him-David doesn't calmly think about it; he prays about it with passion, vv.1-2- O Lord my God, in you I put my trust; Save me from those who persecute me; And deliver me. Lest they tear me ... More >>>

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