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Christ was Buried - by Michael Phillips
Of First Importance - Part 2 of 3
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1 Corinthians 15:1-8
Apr 01, 2012 am - What matters the most to you? Most people would say their families mean the most to them; others would say it's their work; some might say their country; and still others, their church. Should these things matter to you? Yes they should. The mattered keenly to the Apostle Paul, and even more to Jesus. Family, work, country and church ought to be way up there on your list of things that matter most. But not at the top. First place belongs to the Gospel. This is what Paul says in our text, particularly in v.3- For I delivered to you as of first importance. What was of first importance to him? He tells us in v.1, it is the Gospel, and in vv.3ff. he tells us what the Gospel is. What is the Gospel? The Gospel is not 'keep the Law', though you ought to do that and if anyone ever tried to, it was Paul. The Gospel is not 'love your family', though you ought to do that do, and Paul loved his. The Gospel is not 'serve your country', though he did that too, and at great personal cost. Nor is the Gospel 'work hard at your job', though Paul labored day and night in his. In a word, the Gospel is not about what we ought to do for God, but what God has done for us in Christ. What has He done? ... More >>>

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