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What Paul Thinks of the Church - by Michael Phillips
1 Corinthians - Part 1
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1 Corinthians 1:1-9
Apr 22, 2012 am - What do you think of the church? If you want to find fault with her, it won't take much looking, and some of the faults are very serious. This applies both the Church Universal and to the local church-including the one you're sitting in at the moment. There are plenty of things wrong with the Church, always have been and always will be. Until Jesus comes. Theologians speak of the Church on Earth as 'the Church Militant'-always at war, and not always winning. But I didn't ask you, 'What's wrong with the Church?' I asked you, 'What do you think of the Church?' Some have dismissed it as irrelevant to today's world and counterproductive to God's saving mission. The President of Family Radio takes this view to the extreme; many others are more moderate. They don't hate or despise the church, but they can't see how it matters all that much or how it affects their personal walk with Jesus. I know the word, 'community' has been overused in recent years, but the fact remains: we are saved in community and for community. Heaven is not a monastery, with millions of saints holed up by themselves adoring the Beatific Vision. Heaven is a Dinner Party with the saints enjoying God's company-and ... More >>>

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