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Unemployment - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 41
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Psalm 37:25
Apr 22, 2012 pm - Wednesday morning, a man I know lost his job. This is bad news for most people, but for him, it's a disaster. The man is (a) fifty-six years old, (b) with health problems, (c) seven children at home, and (d) the job he lost is the only one he's ever had. If the man calls me tonight, what should I tell him? Should I lie to him, saying his age doesn't matter? Should I urge him to tighten his belt and support a family of nine on unemployment? Should I cheer him up for a few Bible verses like the one I just read a moment ago or the old standby- All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose? Or should I give him no advice at all, and just sympathize with him? This is far better than lying to him or flattering him, or quoting 'upbeat' verses at him. But is there anything more I can do? I can't offer him a job or pay his bills or move his big family into my home. But there has to be more I can give him than a shoulder to cry on. There is: I can give him the Gospel. You see, unemployed people need the same thing employed people need. Everybody needs the Gospel, whether he's got too much work, not enough work, or no work at all. ... More >>>

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