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The Cause and Cure of Division - by Michael Phillips
1 Corinthians - Part 2
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1 Corinthians 1:10-31
Apr 29, 2012 am - The church is falling apart. People who used to love each other, don't anymore. People who used to work together, won't anymore. Thank God, the church hasn't split yet, but if things continue as they are, it won't be long until it does. We've gotten so used to church splits, that we no longer feel how wicked and hurtful they are. But they are wicked because no conflict-no matter how politely prosecuted-is free of selfish desire. Where do wars and fightings come from? From the lusts that war in your members. When we hear the word, lust, we think of sexual desire gone wrong; but that's only a branch of it. The desire to 'have my way' is every bit as lustful and deplorable as the desire to 'have my neighbor's wife'. This is what goes on in church splits-angry, loud ones, and quieter ones too. Division in the church is not only wicked, it's also hurtful. It hurts the world because it makes the church no different than other clubs and our belief in a Crucified and Resurrected God no better than their belief in Materialism or Scientology. It hurts the members of the church because, instead of fixing our gaze on Christ, it lowers it to 'issues' or 'personalities'. Worst of all, it hurts ... More >>>

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