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Grow Up! - by Michael Phillips
1 Corinthians - Part 4
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1 Corinthians 3:1-23
May 13, 2012 am - Grow up! This is the message of 1 Corinthians 3. The message was needed in that church then; it is needed in this church now; it will be needed in every church in every time and place until Jesus comes again. Immaturity was the problem in Corinth, but all immaturies are not created equal. Some immaturity is innocent. Had Paul written this chapter six weeks after starting the church in Corinth, his attitude would have been unrealistic and his words harsh and discouraging. Even in the Age of Wonders, how could he expect the Pagans of May 15 to be mature Christians by June 30? But Paul was not being impatient with the church. He had founded it a good while before, and they had enjoyed the best teaching and leadership in the world. Outstanding men had ministered there; first Paul, then Apollos, and even Peter, it seems, dropped in on them. These men, and others, had taught them what the truth is and showed them what it looks like in real life. The Corinthians were not living up to their privileges. After all this time, they should have been spiritually grown up, but they weren't: when it came to the things of God, they were still in diapers. And not because they were all hicks from a ... More >>>

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