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Who is on the Lord's Side? Politics and Gospel - by Michael Phillips
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Psalm 118:8-9
Sep 30, 2012 pm - Four years ago, the American people went to the polls to elect a new President. 53% of them voted for Senator Obama; 45% voted for Senator McCain; and the other candidates got about 2%. Most of the people who voted that day professed faith in Christ and many of them were Evangelicals, men and women who believe the Bible is God's Word and that no part contradicts any other. Of course, there is no verse in the Bible that tells you to vote for one candidate or the other, but Psalm 119:130 says-- The entrance of your Words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple. In other words, the Bible illuminates every part of life and if you live in its light you will become a wise and godly person. This, I think, is a simple, but fair reading of that verse. But if this is true, why did so many Bible-believing Christians get it wrong four years ago? If Mr. Obama was God's man, 47% of up voted against God's man. If Mr. McCain was the Lord's candidate, 53% of us voted for the devil's nominee! How do we account for this? THREE BAD OPTIONS The easiest way to explain the split vote is also the worst way: The professed Christians who voted for the wrong man did it because they were not true ... More >>>

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