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Hospitality - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 42
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1 Peter 4:9
May 27, 2012 pm - Fifteen years ago, a friend and I spent two weeks in Russia where we were given the Royal Treatment. Every night we went to a different home for dinner, and every table was beautifully set and piled high with delicious and well-presented food. Even though most of the people didn't speak English, they all communicated the joy they felt in having us to dinner, and the honor we were doing them by coming. Their hospitality was both impressive and humbling. Near the end of our trip, I asked our host if the people typically ate this well. Smirking at my innocence, he said they didn't, and that they'd eat oatmeal for a week to make up for the expense of the dinners they served us. I felt bad about this until my host assured me that the people were happy to have us, and would have been keenly disappointed if we hadn't come. Was this a distinctly Christian thing-I wondered-or a Russian thing? He told me it was a Russian thing, that the people of that great country pride themselves on their hospitality, and if they don't have enough to eat themselves, they'll make sure their guests have more than enough. This got me to thinking. Why are Americans less hospitable than Russians? More to the ... More >>>

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