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Cheerful Givers! - by Michael Phillips
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2 Corinthians 9:7
Jul 29, 2012 am - God loves a cheerful giver. Except for the 23rd Psalm, the Lord's Prayer, and John 3:16, no verse, no words in the Bible are better known or more loved than these. We all admire cheerful givers, but how many of us are cheerful givers? Most of us are not. We either don't give at all, or what we do give, we give grudgingly or of necessity. We give because we have to; we give because, if we don't, we're going to feel guilty; and if people find out we don't give, we're going to look bad. THE SIN OF RELUCTANT GIVING Speaking of 'bad', reluctant giving not only looks bad: it is bad. Nobody was less of a money-grubber than our Lord Jesus, but it was He who said-- It is more blessed to give than to receive. From this we have to infer that when we don't give, or don't give cheerfully, we lose blessings. How many blessings we lose, or of what kind, only God knows, but it seems clear to me that 'not doing good' becomes a habit pretty quickly, and--given enough time--it becomes character. Given enough time, 'not giving' makes you a non-giver. It makes you a stingy person--and nobody approves of that! San Francisco is considered a 'tolerant' city; there's no lifestyle not celebrated there, ... More >>>

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