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God is Not Mocked - by Michael Phillips
1 Corinthians - Part 12
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1 Corinthians 11:17-34
Sep 02, 2012 am - Twenty years ago, the first President Bush proposed a Constitutional Amendment to ban the burning of the American flag. Critics laughed at his low demagoguery, but it seems to me he was more right than he was wrong. What is the American flag? Some say it's a piece of cloth, and depending on the size, not much different than a bed sheet or a beach towel or a handkerchief. Are they right? No they're not: all they've told is what the flag is made of, not what it is. The American flag is a symbol of freedom and justice and opportunity. Our country has not always lived up to the ideals, of course, but the flag keeps on reminding us that we ought to, keeps on promising that we will. If this sounds cornball to you, there are millions of people all over the world who think otherwise. A Russian friend told me everyone in his country dreams of living here--and this was after the fall of the Soviet Union. And maybe you remember the Marielitos, illegal Cuban immigrants who rioted to stay in an American prison rather than to go home to the warm embrace of Fidel Castro. This is why burning the flag is different than burning a blanket--because the flag stands for something beyond itself. The ... More >>>

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