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Sloth - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 48
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Psalm 119:32
Oct 21, 2012 pm - has been the theme of our afternoon service for more than three years now. When I say the Gospel changes everything, I mean it changes everything that needs to be changed. Whether the speed of light needs to be changed, I don't know, but I know very well that I need to be changed, you need to be changed, we all need to be changed. I also know that the only thing that's going to change us from what we were in Adam to what we're going to be in Christ is the Gospel. Good teaching, loving oversight, and firm discipline can effect some outward and temporary change, but only the Gospel changes us from the inside out and forever. Unlike the Law, the Gospel does not aim to make us better sinners; it aims to make us saints. And what it aims to do, it will do. Charles Spurgeon was one of the most gifted and vigorous pastors who ever lived, but the success he had in London, and worldwide, in life and death, was not because of his genius, but because of His Gospel. He trusted it, and we'd do well to follow the man who spoke the truth and saw it confirmed in a singular way-- The Gospel must succeed; the Gospel shall succeed; the Gospel cannot be prevented from succeeding. When we say, 'the ... More >>>

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