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The Communion of Saints - by Michael Phillips
1 Corinthians - Part 19
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1 Corinthians 16:1-12
Oct 28, 2012 am - What is the Communion of Saints? For two thousand years, the people of God have been standing up in our churches saying we-- Believe in the Communion of Saints. But I wonder if we know what we're saying. The words 'communion' or 'fellowship' mean 'a shared life'. The Church is the Body of Christ--Paul says--and, like a human body, every part is connected to every other part. Some parts are more closely connected than others--the finger to the hand, for example--but no part is unconnected to any other. The next time you stub your toe really hard, ask yourself: 'What hurts'? If your toe stubbing is at all like mine, your answer will be 'everything'. The whole body shares in the pain of its every part. And its every pleasure. This is what communion or fellowship is. Each member of the church remains himself, but, at the same time, he takes part in a Life bigger than his own. What kind of Life is it? It is a life lived Heaven and on earth at the same time. By faith, all Christians are united to Jesus, and this means we are--right now--Seated with Christ in the Heavenly Places. Paul was a literate man, and had he wanted to use the future tense, he would have. He would have said, 'We ... More >>>

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