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Witnessing - by Elisha Riedlinger
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Romans 10:5-17
May 26, 2013 pm - Introduction Maybe you can guess what I am going to talk about based on the passages I just read. My talk today is on witnessing. I picked this subject mainly for myself. I need to hear this message more than anyone here. I am not just saying this, I really mean it! I have been a poor example of witnessing. I guess you can say I am preaching this to myself. A few weeks ago I was at a conference on faith and science and one of the speakers, John Lennox, said that the majority of Christians today have relegated Christianity to their private lives. The culture says it is ok if we pray, read the Bible and go to church as long as we don't bring this into the workplace or public life, and many Christians have conceded. They go to church and read the Bible privately but never bring Jesus Christ up around their non-Christian friends. Oh, maybe they did when they first believed, but they have long since stopped. There are many reasons for this but I will not talk about the reasons today, you probably know many of the reasons yourself. Instead I will discuss what witnessing is, why we ought to witness, what we can expect from witnessing and how we can witness. What is witnessing? Before I ... More >>>

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