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How to Live for God in Babylon - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 2 of 13
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Daniel 1:3-21
Feb 17, 2013 am - Today, with God's blessing, we will continue our study of Daniel, what has to be one of the Bible's most loved--and least understood--books. If you've read it, you know why people love it: it's exciting, what with young men walking out of a fiery furnace, an old man surviving a lions' den, and kings dreaming of Empire and being humbled by the handwriting on the wall. For pure excitement, action movies have got nothing on Daniel. Chills and thrills are not all it has, however. Daniel is also a deeply mysterious book full of appalling creatures and terrible conflict, all told in the bizarre and unfamiliar language of apocalyptic. This is why people, who love the Lord and work hard to understand this part of His Word come to very different conclusions as to what it means. With the Babel of interpretations ringing in our ears, we're tempted to skip it altogether, or maybe to read it for 'devotional' purposes, but with no real desire or hope of understanding it. This cannot be the right way of going about it. Of course, some parts of the Bible are more challenging than others, but this is God's Book for God's People, not for scholars only, but for all of us. How do we read Daniel with ... More >>>

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