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Persecution - by Michael Phillips
The Gospel Changes Everything - Part 56
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1 Peter 4:12-19
Jan 20, 2013 pm - The subject of today's Bible reading is suffering for Christ. Peter begins by telling us that suffering is part of the Christian life, every believer's life, and that instead of resenting it or compromising our witness to avoid it, we ought to rejoice in it, because by sharing in the suffering of Christ, we will also have a share in His glory. When suffering for Christ, we're tempted to feel forsaken by God, but argues the contrary: it is then that we're most attended by The Spirit of Glory and the Spirit of God. When suffering takes the form of ridicule and exclusion, we're tempted to feel ashamed, but again, it ought to have the opposite effect, causing us to glorify God in this matter. Now, of course, not all suffering is equally Christian. Suffering for Christ is something we ought to be proud of, but suffering for our own sins and stupidity? There's no glory in that--and we mustn't confuse the two. Life before the Second Coming of Christ is not meant to be easy; it's a time of testing, and not everyone will get a passing grade. But, united to God through faith, we will pass the exam, and because our future is sure in Christ, we're urged to commit our souls to Him in doing ... More >>>

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