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Dreaming of Empire - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 3 of 13
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Daniel 2:1-49
Mar 03, 2013 am - In 1992, political scientist, Francis Fukuyama, published a best-selling book called The End of History and the Last Man. To his way of thinking, the Soviet Union was the final enemy of liberal, democratic capitalism, and with its fall, the American Way of Life had triumphed worldwide and forever. With the demise of Russian Communism, the United States went from being a superpower (along with Russia and China) to became a hyperpower, a country so mighty that others could not even challenge it, no less conquer it. When I heard Dr. Fukuyama on the radio at the time, I couldn't help thinking of Nebuchadnezzar, his dream of Empire, and what God made of it all. This is what we have in Daniel 2: a King dreaming of Empire, and finding one--but not his own. THE DREAM I use the word, 'dream' literally, because that's how the chapter begins, and already, the king's dream of power is exposed for the futile thing it is. Nebuchadnezzar is the mightiest man in the world. He has brought down Pharaoh, the Assyrians, and every power in that part of the world. His rule seems complete and permanent. Yet for all his so-called power, he can't even control his own dreams. He's master of the day, but ... More >>>

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