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Jesus in the Fire - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 4 of 13
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Daniel 3:1-30
Mar 10, 2013 am - Daniel is one of the Bible's most beloved books. I myself have loved it all of my life, and I heartily commend it to your love. But even though many Christians, Jews, and others love the Book of Daniel, most of them don't know what it's about. Most people think its about heroism, godly men walking into a fiery furnace or a lions' den, and coming out alive. Are these things in the Book? Of course they are, and they serve an important purpose. The man who wrote the Book and the Holy Spirit who moved him to do so, want us to follow the brave and pious examples Daniel and his friends set. They want us--in the words of the hymn to-- Dare to be a Daniel! Dare to stand alone! Dare to have a purpose firm! Dare to make it known! This is in the Book, but not what's it about. People who want to know how and when the world will end latch on to this part of Daniel. Are future events foretold? Yes they are. Do some of them refer to the end-of-time? Sure they do. But the Book was not inspired, written, or preserved to satisfy curiosity, vain or otherwise. Daniel's story is told to firm up our confidence in the sovereignty of God. This was needed in Daniel's day, when the People of God were being ... More >>>

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