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Watson on Reading and Hearing the Word - by Michael Phillips
Reading and Hearing the Word - Part 2 of 4
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Revelation 1:3
Jul 09, 2003 pm - With all the excitement generated from reading the Book of Revelation, I wonder how many people are thrilled by its first promise? Jesus Christ promises a blessing-a happiness-to everyone who reads or hears the words of this prophecy. And what's true of this Word is also true for the rest of God's Word. We are privileged to have the Word of God in our homes to read and to have the Word of God preached to us on the Lord's Day and at other times too! How honored we are to live in a land flowing with the milk and honey of God's Word! With the privilege goes a responsibility. We are bound-not only to read and hear the Word-but to become good readers and hearers of it. This brings us to tonight's study which is called Thomas Watson on Reading and Hearing the Word of God. Watson was a Puritan pastor and writer who was born in 1620 (or thereabouts). This chapter on hearing and reading the Word is taken from his great book, The Ten Commandments. Last week we learned how to be betters readers of the Word of God. Tonight, with the Lord's blessing, we'll think about hearing it better than we do. Some Bible lessons have no immediate application. An eight year old boy hears a sermon on being a ... More >>>

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