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Good Sovereignty - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 5 of 13
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Daniel 4:1-37
Mar 17, 2013 am - God is control. He controls everything at all times. He controlled Himself before there was any time, and when 'time shall be no more', He will be every bit as much in control. This is what I believe, and what I have preached from this pulpit for almost thirty years. It's flattering to think you'd trust me enough to 'take my word for it', but that wouldn't be good for either one of us. I'm far from the best man in the world, but even if I were, you shouldn't believe in the doctrine of God's absolute sovereignty because I say so. Still, I think you ought to believe it for five good reasons. In the first place, the Bible teaches that God is in control. You see this on the first page of Scripture. Genesis 1 presents the Lord first creating everything out of nothing, and then bending everything to His will. When He separates light from darkness, they are separated; when He hangs the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens, they stay there. When He tells the dry ground to rise out of the sea, it does so without hesitation or argument. God is in control; this is the first lesson the Bible teaches. And also the last. By the time we get to Revelation, we find that not everyone agrees with His ... More >>>

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