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Wait on the Lord - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 9 of 13
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Daniel 8:1-27
Jun 02, 2013 am - It's good to be back! In the almost thirty years of my pastorate, I've never had more than two weeks away from the pulpit, and now, after a six weeks' absence, I'm humbled, thankful, and overjoyed at the opportunity to preach the Word of God once again. I'm especially happy to preach this particular word, because it speaks as directly and helpfully to God's People today as it did when it was first written some two thousand-five hundred years ago. So, let's get to it, and may the Lord open our minds to understand His Word and our hearts to love it. Amen. TIME AND PLACE The chapter begins with a date-- In the third year of the reign of Belshazzar. Or, some time around 550 BC, two years after the vision of Chapter 7, where Daniel saw the Kingdom of God sweeping away the beastly rule of men. Where was he at the time? He doesn't say, but as a high official in Babylonia, I assume he was in the capital, where, not long after, he would read the Handwriting on the Wall. In the vision, however, Daniel is not in Babylon, but standing next to the Ulai River in Susa, then a fortified city, but soon to be the capital of the Medo-Persian Empire. This may be a hint that Daniel would outlive the ... More >>>

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