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The King and the King - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 6 of 13
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Daniel 5:1-31
Mar 24, 2013 am - The 'king' and the King I'm not the man my father was. I'm not saying this to sound humble, or with the hope you'll disagree with me. I'm just stating the fact. My father was a man of real character, integrity, courage and generosity. I'm not. Sons seldom up to the legacy of outstanding fathers. Never was this more true than the two Babylonian kings who appear in the Book of Daniel. Their names are Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. Whether they were father and son or grandfather and grandson is irrelevant, because one certainly followed the other to the Imperial Throne. Nebuchadnezzar is first seen conquering nations, Judah and her neighbors, including Egypt. Belshazzar is first seen planning a party. Nebuchadnezzar builds a magnificent city. Belshazzar sets a fine table. Nebuchadnezzar ends his long reign praising the God of Israel. Belshazzar begins his short reign making a mockery of Him. Never have father and son been less alike! If the father is a Golden Head, his son is a pinhead! This is the king the narrator introduces to; named after the god of his father's youth, he and his god will fall this very night before Daniel's God, our God, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus ... More >>>

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