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Easter - 2013 - by Michael Phillips
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Psalm 103:1-5
Mar 31, 2013 am - Easter, 2013 Last Tuesday morning, I was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer of the kidney. As far as the doctor knows, the cancer has not spread to other organs, and if it hasn't, my prognosis is good. Of course, they won't know if it has or not until they take further tests, including the eyeball test at the time of my surgery. I very much appreciate your prayers, and, even more, the prayers of our Savior Jesus Christ, whom, the Bible says-- Ever lives to make intercession for us. I've been fairly 'normal' the last few days, and not nearly as anxious as I thought I would be. I've slept well, had a few laughs, worked at a pretty good clip, and somehow resisted the temptation to write my own funeral sermon! Still, getting a cancer diagnosis is an upsetting experience, and it's got me thinking about the Bible, and what it says about sickness and healing. SICKNESS AND DEATH Sickness--the Bible says--is not God's will for us. He made us to live forever in perfect health. There's no hint of sickness in Eden; and death is forbidden as long as Adam and Eve remain true to God. Of course, they didn't. When given a choice between the True God and the father of lies, they made the wrong one. ... More >>>

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