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Dominion Restored - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 8 of 13
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Daniel 7:1-28
Apr 14, 2013 am - Here's something you won't hear every day: 'If you want to understand the visionary parts of the Bible, watch music videos'. The music videos I've seen are not very wholesome, for the most part, but there's no denying their artistry. The flashing images are not presented in an orderly way, but their message is unmistakable. Whether it's falling in love, protesting injustice, or just having a good time, you know what the video is saying--even if you can't explain it with words. This is how the visionary parts of the Bible work. They bombard us with images and even though we cannot understand them as well as we'd like to, the message comes through loud and clear. This is what we have in Daniel 7-12: 'visions' or what scholars call 'apocalyptic'. It differs from Daniel 1-6 in the same way a music video differs from a documentary or a poem differs from a set of directions. One reaches the heart through the brain; the other gets there via the imagination. While the two halves of Daniel differ very much in style, their message is one and the same. What is it? The Lord is King! THE DATE In the first year of Belshazzar's reign, Daniel went to bed one night and had a bad dream. Like you ... More >>>

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