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Life from the Dead - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 7 of 13
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Daniel 6:1-28
Apr 07, 2013 am - I hate Old Testament sermons! Don't get me wrong, I don't hate sermons and I've loved the Old Testament all of my life, but most Old Testament sermons are bad sermons, because, there's little or no Christ in them. Oh, He comes up in so called Messianic passages such as Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53, but, for the most part, Old Testament sermons are about men: Good men like David, bad men like Ahab or the kind of men we ought to be, like the godly father of Deuteronomy or ought not to be, like the fool in Proverbs. To many devout and Bible-believing preachers, the Old Testament is all about men. Jesus and the Apostles knew better. Not long after He rose from the dead, Jesus met some friends on the long walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus. In the hours He was with them, He expounded the entire Old Testament, and much to their amazement, it was all about Him. Not just a handful of verses they might use as 'proof texts' but the whole thing, as He said some time before-- It is they that testify to Me. The Apostles read it the same way. Study their sermons and you'll see they felt no hesitation to preach Christ from any part of the Law, the Prophets, or the Psalms. Wherever they looked in the Hebrew ... More >>>

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