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Watson on Reading and Hearing the Word - by Michael Phillips
Reading and Hearing the Word - Part 3 of 4
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Revelation 1:3
Jul 16, 2003 pm - Tonight, with the Lord's blessing, we'll move on in the study we began a couple of weeks ago. It's called Thomas Watson on Reading and Hearing the Word of God. So far, we've at three main points: Reading and hearing the Word of God is a very great privilege. With the privilege goes an equal responsibility, that is, reading and hearing the Word is not enough-we have to read and hear it well! Listening to God means you have to (a) pay attention to the Word, (2) have an appetite for it, and (3) receive it meekly, that is, be more eager to hear the Word than to quibble with the preacher. Are you doing these things? Did you pay attention to last Sunday's sermon? Did you come tonight hungering for the Word? Are you willing to submit to the Word-even though the one preaching it is not worthy of it? These are things we need to do-not just read about, think over, or preach on, but to do! I am far from a great preacher, but I preach a very great Word! It will do you good, if you listen to it. What the Lord said of His spoken Word applies to all faithful preaching, "Take heed to how you hear". REMEMBER If you want to be a better hearer of God's Word, you have to remember what you have heard. ... More >>>

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