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What's Wrong with the World - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 11 of 13
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Daniel 10:1-11:1
Jun 23, 2013 am - What's wrong with the world? Everyone agrees there is something wrong, but as for what it is and what to do about it, there is no agreement. A couple of weeks ago, I talked to a Canadian friend who lost his father to cancer last year. He blamed the healthcare system in his country because being 'socialized' means there are always be long lines at the doctor's office, the lab, and the hospital. His father died, because he couldn't get an x-ray on time; that's the way my friend sees it. Tens of millions of Americans, on the other had, want socialized medicine and deplore the fact that we don't have it here, or, rather, that it's not fully implemented in our country. Unlike my friend, they see the problem--not as long lines keeping people from getting the treatment they need--but as a kind of favoritism: people who can afford healthcare get it and those who can't don't. Both sides agree there is problem with the healthcare system, but on what it is and what to do about it, they don't agree. For example, many people see the problem with the world as politics, bad politics and really bad politicians. If only we could get rid of the Democrats--or Republicans! If only we could raise--or ... More >>>

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