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Patience and Deliverance - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 12 of 13
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Daniel 11:2-12:14
Jun 30, 2013 am - Daniel 11 is one of the longest, most complicated, and disputed chapters in the Bible. That not everyone reads it in the same way shouldn't surprise us because the whole thing is shot through with mystery. It starts with the chief speaker, an angel--and we're not used to listening to angels. Then there's the first recipient, a prophet--and we're not prophets. The language is what scholars call 'apocalyptic'--and that was far more familiar to the Jewish people of 2,500 years ago than it is to American Christians today. Then there's the sheer number of characters involved, more than a dozen unnamed 'kings', most of whom are known only to scholars of ancient history. If the chapter leaves your head spinning, don't be ashamed: It had the same effect on Daniel, who passed out when he first heard it, and, at the end had to confess-- Although I heard, I did not understand. This brings up an obvious question: If a man of Daniel's intelligence, godliness, and sincerity had no idea what the angel was getting at, how can we expect to make any sense of it? Let's be sure of one thing: It has nothing to do with our scholarship or wisdom. The key is found in the book itself, just a few verses ... More >>>

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