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Contentment and Understanding - by Michael Phillips
Daniel - Part 13 of 13
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Daniel 12:5-13
Jul 07, 2013 am - God wants us to study the Bible and to understand it. On this point, all Christians agree and for which most of us ought to apologize. We haven't studied the Word of God with the care and zeal and humility we should have, and the understanding we have is a small fraction of what it would be if we had. Every one of us ought to practice what Paul told Timothy to do-- Study to show yourself approved to God, a workman that does not have to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. The Bible is mysterious and some parts are harder to understand than others, but the main cause of our ignorance is not in the Bible, but in ourselves. We're lazy and occupied with lesser things and, and most of the time, most of us savor the things of man more than the things of God. I myself am guilty of these things--and I'm not the only one. If most Christians are this way, some are the other way. They are keenly interested in the Bible and spare no effort to find out what it means. If they stopped there, they would be worthy of our highest praise. They don't stop there. They go from study to speculation. Given enough time and imagination, they uncover all the hidden things in the Bible--including ... More >>>

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