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Watson on Reading and Hearing the Word - by Michael Phillips
Reading and Hearing the Word - Part 4 of 4
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Revelation 1:3
Jul 23, 2003 pm - Every one of you is greatly blessed by God. Whatever your age, your health, your income, or your family situation is, you are greatly blessed of God. Why? Because you can read His Word every day and hear it preached as often as you want to. How blessed we are to have Bibles to read and sermons to hear! The Lord once said, "Blessed are your eyes for what they see and your ears for what they hear, for I tell you, many kings and righteous men desired to see what you see and to hear what you hear-and did not!" We all pay lip service to this honor, but do we feel it in our bones? When did it last occur to you that you're more blessed than Moses or David or Solomon John the Baptist or most believers in the History of the Church because-unlike them-you have everything God wants you to know at your fingertips! The Apostle was right: How happy is he who reads and they who hear the Words of this prophecy-not just the Book of Revelation, we should add-but the whole Word of God. But with blessings go obligations. The man who's been blessed with a good wife is obliged to be a good husband. In the same way, the believer who has the Word to read and hear, is obliged to be a good reader and ... More >>>

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