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Introduction - by Michael Phillips
Our Confession of Faith - Part 1
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Jude 3
Jul 28, 2013 pm - Grace Baptist Church was founded on December 26, 1965, at which time the New Hampshire Confession of Faith was adopted as a fair summary of those things most surely believed among us. The Confession was drawn up in 1833 and well-received by most Baptist churches in America for more a hundred years. Its theology is strikingly orthodox and evangelical, and somewhat Reformed. Except for its article on the Sabbath, I agree with every word of it, and believe it has served the people of God very well. But when I became the pastor of Grace Baptist Church, I was somewhat dissatisfied with not. Not because of what it said, but because I did not think its emphases were the same as the church's. Thirty years ago--and still--this is a Reformed Baptist Church, a people who love the Doctrines of Grace and have made them the centerpiece of our church life and witness. Why these doctrines and not some other? Because the Doctrines of Grace infuse the Gospel with life and vitality. I believe one can preach the Gospel without them, but the Gospel he preached would be anemic, alive, but not healthy. The Gospel is a robust and red-blooded thing! And nothing makes that more evident than the Doctrines ... More >>>

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