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Scripture (Part 3) - by Michael Phillips
Our Confession of Faith - Part 6
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Proverbs 30:5
Oct 13, 2013 pm - This afternoon, with God's blessing, we'll get back to our study of the Midland Confession of Faith. First published in England, in 1655, we adopted it as a fair summary of our own beliefs back in the mid 1980's. Unlike the Bible, the Confession is not complete or perfect, but it's still very good and covers most of the doctrines that matter most to us. One of the doctrines near and dear to every Christian heart is the doctrine of Scripture, and let me say that, from the founding of the Church in the 1st Century AD to the early 19th Century, there was virtually no debate on what the Bible is. Churches and private Christians often differed on what the Bible teaches and how we be sure of what it teaches, but as for the thing itself, the Church has always and everywhere believed the Bible is the Word of God, and because of what it is, it is true in the ordinary sense of that Word. Why have the People of God always believed this? Because it is what the Bible teaches about itself and what our Savior, Jesus Christ, took it to be. It was He who said-- Sanctify them by your truth. Your Word is truth. And, in another place-- Scripture cannot be broken. This is the third sermon on the ... More >>>

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