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A Clean Conscience - by Michael Phillips
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Hebrews 9:11-15
Nov 17, 2013 am - When I was a boy, the thing I most wanted to be was tall. Looking at me now, this seems like an impossible dream, but, up until the fifth or sixth grade, I was often the tallest kid in class. Of course, about this time, the other boys had a growth spurt, I didn't, and I ended up at five feet-ten inches tall, which is not exactly 'short', but nowhere near the 6'6-8" I wanted to be. By the time I graduated from high school, I knew I wouldn't be tall, and so I hoped to be other things: handsome, cool, wealthy, powerful, and of course, a lady's man. Needless to say, these later goals were no more achieved than the earlier one! Now, as I approach my fifty-fifth birthday, the thing I most want to be is...clean. I wince at the many sinful and foolish things I've done in the past I think of my arrogance, my lust, my meanness, all the hurtful things I've said to my friends and all the evils my wife has suffered at my hands. As the clouds of mortality gather on the horizon, these things hurt me. Even more than the bad things I've done, though, I regret the countless good things I could and should have done, but didn't. Either because I was too lazy or too proud, too scared, or too 'into ... More >>>

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