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Christ the Mediator - by Michael Phillips
Our Confession of Faith - Part 9
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Galatians 4:4-5
Nov 17, 2013 pm - Today, with God's favor, we will move along in our afternoon study of our Confession of Faith. I call it 'ours' because we adopted it as a church almost thirty years ago, but, in fact Reformed Baptists have subscribed to it for more than 350 years. It's called the Midland Confession of Faith, and was first published in 1655. Last time, we studied Articles 5 and 6 on the doctrine and defense of Election. To 'elect' means to choose, and, according to our Confession, it is (1) God who chose us for salvation, (2) He made the choice before He created the world, that (3) His choice includes all the means to secure it's completion, and that (4) it is based on God's eternal counsel and own pleasure, and (5) not anything good in us actual or foreseen. This is the doctrine of Election, and I believe it is what the Bible teaches about it. Not everything. But the most important things. Election is not salvation; we are chosen in eternity, but we are saved in time. To save us, God has to give us the gifts of repentance and faith, and when we exercise them, we are saved, and not before we do. But as important as our repentance and faith are, they're of no value in and of themselves. In other ... More >>>

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