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A Clean Life - by Michael Phillips
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Hebrews 9:11-15
Nov 24, 2013 am - Are you living a clean life? Before you can answer the question, you've got to know what a clean life is. It includes common decency, of course, being loyal to your wife, for example, working hard at your job, paying your bills, and being courteous enough to not text or tweet at the dinner table! These are clean things to do, and you ought to do them, but there's more to a clean life than common decency, the sort of things you can do as well without God as you can with Him. Only one life can be characterized as truly clean, and that's the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you read His life in the Four Gospels, two things will become apparent: His life was clean and your life isn't. Where do we start admiring the life He lived in the real world? One place seems good as another, so how about with His... Chastity. Did Jesus have a sexual life or not? Most Christians wince at the thought and quickly tell you He didn't. This is not what the Bible teaches. It tells us that Jesus was as human as you and I, and that when it comes to the sort of temptations we face, He faced them too! He was-- In all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. This means that, though He had the same desires ... More >>>

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