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Faith - by Michael Phillips
Our Confession of Faith - Part 10
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Ephesians 2:8-10
Nov 24, 2013 pm - Today we come to the Eighth Article in the Midland Confession of Faith. First published in 1655, we adopted it as a fair summary of our own faith in the middle 1980's. It does not address everything the Bible does, of course, but, to my way of thinking, it hits the high points pretty well, emphasizing four doctrines: God, guilt, grace, and glory. I have to admit that Article 8 is a bit unwieldy, starting with man's inability, going on to the source of saving faith, then comparing that faith to the Resurrection of Christ, closing with a swipe at Christians who believe otherwise, and warning us to beware of their influence. There's a lot in here, but I'll try to expound it the best I can without going on all day. Here it is-- We believe that all men until they are quickened by Christ are dead in trespasses, and therefore, have no power of themselves to savingly believe. But faith is the free gift of God, and the mighty work of God in the soul, even like the raising of Christ from the dead. Therefore, consent not with those who hold that God has given power to all men to believe to salvation. THE QUESTION The subject of the Article is Saving Faith, and in particular, where it comes ... More >>>

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